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At Coolhouse Cryotherapy, we are proud to provide a variety of services throughout Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding area to help bring our clients comfort through cryotherapy. Whether you are looking for natural wellness, inflammation treatment for chronic pain, or assistance recovering from a sports injury, our wellness center can help.

Benefits include reduced soreness, stiffness, and inflammation as well as improved joint and muscle stamina. In addition, cryotherapy has been shown to help shorten recovery time following injury or surgery and provide relief for those looking for treatments for a wide variety of conditions and chronic pain.

Providing care for tendinitis, fibromyalgia treatment, arthritis treatment, sciatica treatment, and more, make the call to Coolhouse Cryotherapy today. Our services include specialized sessions and therapies to target specific areas to help you with your pain management needs.

Whether you are seeking cryotherapy for a specific ailment or just to help improve your overall well-being, call us today. Our dedicated staff can recommend the right service to meet your needs.


Our comprehensive services include:

In addition to our cryotherpy services, we also offer CBD oils and other products. For more information contact Coolhouse Cryotherapy or visit us at our location in Winston-Salem, NC today.