We have been pleased to have seen cryotherapy positively impact so many of our clients. We are so thankful that they have shared their experiences below:

"I was a little skeptical that the benefits of cryotherapy would be substantial. I gave it a shot and I couldn’t believe that I was able to dunk the basketball for the first time in five years! Doing cryotherapy regularly has improved my life by giving me that extra pep in my step!" - 35 year old veteran pro basketball player

“What I notice the most after Coolhouse cryo sessions is quicker recovery from exercise. It’s not just the legs, but a general energizing feeling.”

“After twenty plus years of sleepless nights, cryo turned everything around for me! Now I sleep like a baby until the sun comes up instead of staring at the ceiling all night long. A true game changer for me. Thank you Coolhouse Cryotherapy!”

“The greatest benefit I get from Cryotherapy is decreased delayed onset muscle soreness, thus enabling me to train more effectively throughout the week!”

“I have a herniated disc in my lower back, and have been suffering with sciatica for several months. Coolhouse cryotherapy gives me the relief I need to make it through the day.”

“Playing professional basketball for the past decade has taken a toll on my body and I have not been able to dunk for the past couple years. I have been doing cryotherapy for over a year now. I immediately noticed its effects on my athletic performance. I am dunking again like when I was in my early twenties.”